BJP spokesman Nalin Kohli described it as a social and legal issue and not a political one, adding that people are concerned about loopholes and limitations of law. According to information, the protesters had planned to hold a candlelight vigil and again moved towards Rajpath.Speaking to The Asian Age, Jatin Narwal, deputy commissioner of the police, New Delhi, confirmed that the police had detained 23-year-old student Jyoti Singh’s parents along with other protesters. We will make more attempts to stay the release of my daughter’s rapist," she added.."All knew that he will be released so steps should have been taken during these three years," she said.The parents of the December 16 gangrape victim asked why the Centre and the Delhi government had not taken timely action to stop the release of the convict arrested as a juvenile. First we were stopped at Jantar Mantar, and then we managed to reach here (India Gate). I want (Prime Minister Narendra) Modiji to consider giving us two minutes (for a meeting)," said Asha Devi Singh, the victim’s mother.

The protesters were asked to go to Jantar Mantar if they wanted to stage a protest."The hearing of the matter will take place after the release of the juvenile. "It’s a social and legal issue. People are raising concerns relating to loopholes or limitations in the law which is getting such a person to be able to come out in society after serving a restricted sentence.The police officer said Jyoti Singh’s parents were taken to another place, but refused to divulge information when asked where the couple had been taken. "I want justice and stay on his release. Our government, whether Centre or state, they only listen to you when you protest and get lathicharged, else they don’t care. The matter is pending because the change to the law has been envisaged but it has not been finalised because it is not passed by the Rajya Sabha," he said.Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit accused the Delhi government and the DCW of "doing politics" over the issue, questioning DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal’s move to file SLP in Supreme Court over the issue on late Saturday night, hours before the convict’s scheduled release. It’s not a political issue.The police had already declared Section 144 at India Gate where on Sunday more than 1,000 protesters had gathered to protest against the release of 20 year-old convict, who was a juvenile at the time of his arrest in December 2012. The police then detained them. "How many more rapes, how many more murders will have to take place for the government to change laws related to juveniles. "Section 144 was imposed near India Gate. If he will come out then what is the point of hearing (by Supreme Court) or any other thing," said the victim’s mother, adding that the DCW’s legal move was just for show."Our fight is just on the issue that he (juvenile convict) must not come out."What hearing But what can we do Whatever the court is doing is right. If they were really bothered about this they should have acted on time. However, if proper hearing or verdict would have passed on this case, then we would not have seen this day," he said.The Delhi police on Sunday detained parents of the December 16 gangrape victim who had joined other joined other protesters at heavily-barricaded India Gate to stage a protest to oppose the release of the youngest of the six men convicted for the gangrape and murder of their daughter. We have lifted Nirbhaya’s parents along with other," said Mr Narwal.Angry over the release of the convict, she said: "Who should have been put behind bars has Sliding Gate Wheel been allowed to walk out free, while we, who have suffered, are being chased by police. I will not get inside the bus today," she said."Her husband Badrinath Singh also expressed disappointment over the release of the convict and questioned the point of the hearing after his release